PGYTECH DJI Mavic Air 2 / Air 2S lisavarustuse komplekt

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Lisavarustuse komplekt sisaldab:

  • PGYTECH maandumismatt PRO
  • PGYTECH tahvelarvuti kinnitus
  • PGYTECH UV-filter (Ei sobi DJI Air 2S’ile)
  • PGYTECH propellerihoidja
  • PGYTECH jalgade pikendused
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The Mavic Air 2 accessory kit provides even more fun and comfort for the drone. Accessories such as landing gear, propeller holder, and landing gear provide additional protection, while the holder allows you to mount a larger screen as a tablet.


UV filter


The product blocks the flow of UV light to the camera so that the blue color will no longer dominate in the pictures and we will get rid of the glow of sunlight. Having a UV filter we will not have to worry about damage to the camera lens. PGYTECH product is resistant to scratches and greasy liquids.




The extensions allow the drone legs to be extended by up to 35 mm. It is very useful during take-off from uneven ground, and during landing, it provides even greater protection against damage to the drone. They are made of light material, so they do not put a heavy load on the drone and do not have a negative impact on its flight quality.



Quick disassembly


The rear elevators have a clip-on installation, which is very easy to install. Just put the extension of the legs in the right place and close the clasp, which will snap securely and reliably onto the drone. The front hoists are simply inserted into the drone’s legs and you are done. Soft TPU rubber prevents the lift from slipping off during flight.



Lightweight and stable


The lifts are made of solid aircraft aluminum, which makes them strong and very lightweight. All of this has been designed to lighten the load of the drone as little as possible so that it is not adversely affected during flight. The legs’ elongations are covered with silicone, which makes them scratch-resistant, and even after prolonged use, they look new. In addition, silicone provides cushioning both during take-off and landing.


Propeller holder


The Mavic Air 2 holder is a fantastic solution for those who don’t want to waste time on every time they turn the propellers off a drone. The propellers are light and flexible, and if they are placed incorrectly in a bag they can be damaged, so to save time and nerves you can use a special PGY holder that allows you to fasten them.


Landing Pad


Double-sided landing pad with a diameter of 50 cm. It is designed for small and medium drones and is easy to handle, store and transport. High-quality material is waterproof and durable.




The set also has an additional holder, which enables mounting large mobile devices such as iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or MatePad Pro from Huawei. The accessory has the ability to rotate 360°, so you can easily adjust the right angle of view.




Product name Quantity
Mavic Air 2 UV Filter(PRO) x1
Mavic Air 2 Landing Gear Extensions x1
Mavic Air 2 Propeller Holder x1
Landing Pad PRO for Drones x1
Reflective Strip x1
Landing Pad Bag x1
Pad Holder(Standard) x1

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