Beta95X + DJI FPV Kit

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Kõik selleks, et võtta toode karbist ja hakata lennutama! Soovi korral võime sidesüsteemid aktiveerida, omavahel ühendada ja drooni täielikult lennuvalmis seadistada.

BetaFPV suurim digitaalse videoedastusega whoop, mis sobib kokku DJI Goggles V2 prillidega või DJI Goggles V1 prillide ja puldiga.
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Beta95X is the smallest and lightest whoop drone with HD digital VTX in the world. The wheelbase is only 100mm and the weight is 110g without a battery. Even small and light enough, but the performance doesn’t decrease. With 2.5″ 3-blade propellers, 1106 motors, and F4 AIO 20A Flight controller V3 version, the drone could do all the acrobatic motions smoothly, like dive and power loop.

Beta95X could support the DJI FPV Goggles. Pilots can now enjoy both superb image quality and a minimum latency within 28 ms. Beta95X flying footage with 4S 450mAh battery. The video is recorded with DJI FPV goggles in 720P@60fps.

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