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Töösügavus 28M
Vahetatav 4800mah aku
Salvestab 1080p 30 kaadrit sekundis
Võimalik otseülekandes läbi rakenduse
Reaalajas veetemperatuuri näidud ja täpsed sügavusnäidud
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CHASING F1 is a new digital fish finder underwater drone with a remote control designed for all types of fishing. The F1 drone from Chasing provides you with intelligent information about the underwater terrain, surroundings, other objects underneath, the location of fish masses, and the position of the fish in the water. The drone is perfect for inspection of docks as well.

In addition to fishing situations, F1 delivers both real-time water temperature readings and accurate depth readings. It has the ability to take both great quality pictures and to capture high-definition videos during the process of fishing.

The fishing process can be monitored and video-recorded clearly in dark environment. The drone has a built-in Sony IMX307 camera and is equipped with infrared light that enables a clear display in even low light conditions. The cameras infrared visual range can reach up to 1 meter. The camera can record in 1080p 30fps and produce 2MP photos. Everything is saved to a micro SD card that than be extended up to 256GB. Through the app, you can easily share your movies and livestream on most SoMe platforms.

F1 moves vertically and can ascend and descend automatically. The maximum operating depth of F1 is 28 meters. It is powered by four thrusters and has various functions, such as GPS, all-directional movement, suspension and stop, keeping records of multiple fishing spots, automatic cruise between fishing locations and one-key return.

Apart from the above-mentioned functionality F1 can also be mounted with a bait boat. The distribution of bait material can be realized by one click in the APP in the fishing spot. It also supports sonar bracket mounts (such as DEEPER Sonar and other brand names).

By mounting a DEEPER sonar ball you can move it to the place you want to detect, easily combining sonar with visual fish finder. By doing this, you can detect fish in a more comprehensive and accurate manner Chasing F1 comes with a 4800mAh lithium battery that can last up to 6 hours. It is replaceable and can extend working hours when needed.

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