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Väike, kaasaskantav ja hõlpsasti kasutatav veealune droon, millel on 1080p videosalvestus ja topelt-LED-tuled. Sukeldub 15 meetrini ja seda saab juhtida nutitelefoniga.

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  • Покупатель имеет право вернуть или обменять товар в течение 14 дней.

  • Быстрая доставка товаров со склада.

  • Дополнительная гарантия DJI Care доступна для продуктов DJI.


Способ доставки вы можете выбрать в корзине.

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The compact and portable underwater drone Chasing Dory is designed just as much for pleasure as for work. Equipped with a camera that records video in full-HD (1080p), fast optics, built-in LED headlights and the ability to dive down to 15 meters, this is the right gadget for those who lack a diving certificate but still want to experience and document the world beneath the surface.

Dory is also ideal for boat clubs and boat owners who need to inspect ports, docks and boat hulls in an easy and affordable way.

Control it with your smartphone
Chasing Dory weighs only 1.3 kg and is very easy to use. The drone is controlled with an intuitive smartphone app that displays a video feed directly from the camera, allowing you to “see” what Dory sees in real time.

The picture and control signals are delivered wirelessly using Wi-Fi between the smartphone and a floating signal buoy, which in turn communicates with Dory through a 15 meter long, durable signal cable. The buoy also stores video files and photos from the drone and is equipped with a built-in GPS that records the drone’s position. It can even send out an alarm if it disappears out of sight.

Lockable dive angle and dive depth
Five propellers control Dory’s movements in the water. Two are used to move it forwards/backwards and for steering sideways. The other three adjust the dive depth and dive angle. The propeller arrangement and a special feature in the app allow you to lock the drone at a +/- 45 degree angle. This allows the camera to be pointed downwards towards the bottom or upwards towards a ship’s hull, even as the drone moves horizontally. Dory also has a depth lock so that it can be set to hover steadily at a desired depth.

The special Chasing Dory app is available for both iOS and Android. Among the features are 19 built-in filters for different image effects and you can also share the experience on social media.

The drone comes with a practical protective case. A tailor made, comfortable backpack for transport and storage is also available as an accessory.

  • Easy to use underwater drone with dive depth down to 15 meters
  • Controlled wirelessly via smartphone app
  • Camera that shoots video in Full HD (1080p). Equipped with fast f/1.6 lens
  • Dual front-mounted LED headlamps, one on each side of the camera
  • Floating signal buoy with Wi-Fi connection and GPS
  • Depth lock and adjustable tilt lock (+/- 45 degrees) for filming upwards or downwards
  • Battery lasts for 1 hour of use (charging time about 2 hours)
  • Weight only 1.3 kg


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