Chasing M2 Pro Advanced Set

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CHASING M2 Pro is a professional underwater ROV designed for professional users and industrial applications. This advanced set also includes a 300WH battery and a floodlight.

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CHASING M2 Pro* has 8 vectored thrusters layout which allows OMNI movement in all directions. Compared to the CHASING M2, the M2 Pro motor has been upgraded by 50%. The maximum speed is 4 Knots, depth is 150 meters and the maximum horizontal radius is 400 meters (with optional 400m cable).

M2 pro support AC and battery hybrid power supply to achieve unlimited battery life. Not only compatible with sophisticated attachments such as Grabber Claw, Floodlight and laser scaler etc, but also compatible with Control Console (High-brightness Screen), docking station, USBL underwater positioning, 700Wh battery, multibeam sonar, Auxiliary Camera and other M2 Pro Exclusive Enhanced Accessories.

CHASING M2 Pro offers a built in 4K/1080p and 12 megapixel EIS image stabilization camera, 4000 lumen LED lights, removable battery and removable Micro SD memory card. The aluminum alloy compact body (weights less than 6KG allows single person operation and quick-deployment in 3 minutes.

The CHASING M2 Pro is your portable, easy use and reliable light industrial underwater ROV.

Cable included is 200m.

What’s in the box:

  • 1 Chasing M2Pro drone
  • 1 Chasing Remote Controller
  • Floodlight 2
  • 300WH battery
  • 1 Chasing 200m. Tether (cable) & manual reel
  • 1 Chasing Power Cord
  • 1 Chasing Power Adapter
  • 1 Chasing Carrying Case, (Roller)
  • 1 Chasing GoPro Mounting Base
  • 1 Chasing Sun Shade
  • 1 Chasing Type-C to Type-C Data Cable
  • 1 Chasing Type-C to Micro-USB Data Cable
  • 1 Chasing Type-C to Lighting Data Cable
  • 1 Chasing Towel
  • 4 M3x8 Screws
  • 1 Chasing Documentation
  • 6 Chasing Tether Connector O-rings
  • 6 Chasing Battery Cabin O-rings
  • 6 Chasing Micro SD O-rings
  • 1 128Gb MicroSD card

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