Nanlite – Nanlink WS-TB1 Transmitter Box

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Light linked, linking light

With two built-in modules for both Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz, the NANLINK Box broadens the control range for Bluetooth mobile devices and allows for controlling fixtures that use the 2.4Ghz module via the NANLINK App. No Nanlite or Nanlux users will be excluded from utilizing the brand-new control options within our new APP ensuring everyone can be a master of their lights.

Internal Antenna

NANLINK Box intelligently hides its antenna internally via an intricate design, which is a perfect way to ensure reliable control at a distance and guarantees the durability of the antenna for years to come.

Long and reliable run time guaranteed

With over 15 hours of battery runtime from the built-in Lithium-ion battery, NANLINK Box makes shoots that overrun a breeze and gives you total confidence in facing any extended creative challenges you may face.

Easy on the Go

Connect anywhere lightweight device With dimensions measuring 107 x 73 x 44.5mm and a weight of 170g, the portable NANLINK Box keeps you connected wherever you go, without weighing you down.

Multiple Mount, Easy Carrying

1/4-20 mount + waistband buckle + carrying bag NANLINK Box is compatible with industry standard fittings and accessories via a 1/4-20 mount on the bottom. An optional strap can be mounted as a hanging solution or use the considerate waistband buckle design on the edge that permits easy portability. Finally the high quality carrying bag will make transportation reassuring with suitable protection, wherever you end up.

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