PGYTECH Tello kaitsepuur

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Lihtsasti paigaldatav ja ainult 13 grammi kaaluv kaitsepuur Tello droonile.

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Protective Cage for Tello
Increase flight safety and protection. Serious fun!

Designed for TELLO, 360 Degree protection
Perfect match for your TELLO.

Enjoy a different flying experience
With the Protective Cage, you can now try any flying games you want. Race or chase other drones, try any acrobatic combinations without any worry. The Protective Cage will keep your TELLO free of damage.

Auto flipping system. Always ready to take off.
An in-flight collision can cause your TELLO to crash and damage the fuselage and blades. Using the Protective Cage safeguards your drone and avoids rolling on the ground after a fall. Designed to optimize the center of gravity, the TELLO cage ensures your drone is always facing up, ready to take off, whenever you crash.

Made by polymer PP material with increase toughness and high elasticity.
Our goal is to maximize the protection qualities of the Cage. That is why we chose enhanced PP materials, to increase the impact resistance and stretching degree of the Protective Cage. During an in-flight collision, the high toughness and resilience of the material generates a spring back buffer effect protecting the TELLO from further damage.

Weighting only 13g. The Protective Cage has no impact on the flight time of your TELLO.
Made by lightweight and durable polymer material the Protective Cage weights only 13gr. Applying a unique mesh layout design with only 3mm single rib width, the Protective Cage achieves almost zero aerodynamic resistance. Minimum effect on TELLO’s power consumption and battery.

Quick and easy install & release mechanism.
To complete the installation just introduce the protective case arm snaps to the corresponding arm sleeve. When removing, perform the opposite action: pull the protective case slightly away from the arm.

PGYTECH Protective Cage Features

  • Designed for TELLO, 360 degree protection
  • Made by polymer PP material with increase toughness and high elasticity
  • Weighting only 13 g. No impact on the flight time of your TELLO
  • Quick and easy install & release mechanism

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