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The Shutter Collection for the DJI Mini 4 Pro was designed to reduce your shutter speeds to cinematic levels. The collection has been adapted to give you a larger coverage range, with an ND8, ND32, and ND128 filter, to provide full coverage from golden hour to mid-day sun. To achieve the effect of an ND16 filter, simply use the ND32 and bump your ISO up to 200. This will allow you to omit constant filter changes and reduce the amount of gear you need to purchase because ISO 100 and 200 are perfectly clean on the Mini 4 Pro.

  • Includes ND8, ND32, and ND128 weight optimized for the Mini 4 Pro
  • Same weight as Manufacturer ND filters to maintain the ultra-light weight rating
  • New Filter Collection enables you to get a huge range of coverage with less filters
  • To achieve ND16 and ND64 effect install the ND32 or ND128 and bump ISO to 200
Eжемесячный платеж от 6.38 / 12 месяцы

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Ежемесячный платеж от 7.5 €


  • Покупатель имеет право вернуть или обменять товар в течение 14 дней.

  • Быстрая доставка товаров со склада.

  • Дополнительная гарантия DJI Care доступна для продуктов DJI.


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