Droon.ee has been training both larger and smaller teams at various levels over the years. Since there are many fields in which drones are used, and sometimes the drones themselves have unique constructions, we recommend reaching out to us if none of our standard training packages directly align with your needs. We always find a suitable plan and trainer, and if necessary, we can also come to your location to conduct the training.

Consumer drones

Basic training


  • Existing/planned drone specifications
  • Drone construction principles
  • Control system and frequencies
  • LiPo batteries – usage, charging, storage
  • General safety rules
  • Pre-flight check
  • Drone flying theory

Basic training Plus


Includes theoretical training and flight practice.

  • Topics of basic training
  • In-depth exploration of the DJI GO/Fly app
  • Drone indicators
  • Key sensor indicators
  • Photography modes
  • Selection and options of video modes
  • Autonomous flight modes
  • Flight practice

Advanced training


Includes theoretical training and flight practice.

  • Basic training Plus topics
  • Photography and videography techniques
  • Lighting – ISO, exposure, aperture, and filters
  • File formats for photos and videos
  • Panoramas / orthomosaics
  • Video editing tips and recommendations
  • Post-processing recommendations for aerial photos

Enterprise drones



  • Existing drone specifications
  • Drone construction and principles
  • Utilizing NTRIP correction for positioning
  • Principles of thermal camera operation (if necessary)
  • Fundamentals of creating models
  • Control system
  • Use of LiPo batteries
  • Overview of regulations in Estonia
  • General safety rules
  • Flight planning
  • Flight practice

Enterprise Plus


  • Enterprise training topics
  • In-depth training on 3D models
  • In-depth training on 2D models
  • Introduction to Enterprise drones
  • Introduction to Enterprise sensors
  • Flight practice with relevant equipment
  • Testing functions as desired
  • Practice in flight planning

Team training

At the agreement

“We provide training for both larger and smaller teams at their chosen location. Whenever possible, we organize flight practice directly in the work field to gain the best possible experience before starting work or acquiring a drone system. Prior to the training, we agree on the field, drone systems, and specific needs of the organization, which we address during the training.”

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