SmallRig — 3566 Suction Cup Portable Dual with Camera Mount SC-2K

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Provides solutions to action camera and mobile phone photography with using a car or other glass-mounted places. Exclusive double-layer suction cup provides long-lasting and stable adsorption to keep the equipment safe

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The modular design, including dual suction cups, a universal magic arm, and a action camera mount, supports most lightweight cameras (e.g. Sony ZV-1, Canon G7X series, etc.), action cameras, and mobile phones on the market.

The dual suction cup camera mount is designed for quick disassembly with a single push of a button

In addition, the exclusive patented double-layer suction cup design enables secure, long-lasting, and stable support filming.

There is a 20° adjustable space where the suction cups are attached to each other, allowing them to be attached to curved surfaces.

The universal magic arm is attached to the dual suction cups via a quickly mounted NATO rail at one end and the 1/4″-20 screw at the other end connects cameras, mobile phones, action cameras, and other devices.

The action camera attachment includes a universal GoPro mount and locking screw that support the magic arm for action cameras.

Besides, a special suction cup dust cover is included to prevent dust, thus prolonging its service life.


  • Suitable for dry, smooth, and clean surfaces
  • Do not mount onto coated surface, marble, old tiles, porous wallpaper, mud walls, unpainted wooden wall, frosted glass, or other rough, and breathable surfaces
  • It is recommended to control the speed under 80km/h on and off-road, and check the suction condition before use
  • It is recommended to attach a lanyard and check the equipment every 2 hours
  • Suitable Temperature: -40°C ~ 60°C

Compatibility and Load Capacity:

  • 0.5kg load capacity for speeds up to 80km/h
  • 3kg load capacity when not on motion
  • Perfect for lightweight cameras (≤2kg), action cameras, mobile phones

Package Includes:
1 x Dual Suction Cups
1 x Magic Arm
1 x Action Camera Mount
2 x Suction Cup Dust Cover

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