DJI Ronin-S

DJI Ronin-S

DJI is pleased to announce the new Ronin-S, designed for DSLR and SLR cameras. This compact handheld gimbal is extremely stable when shooting.


The innovative frame of the Ronin-S makes the camera work better and keeps it always in its place. This ergonomic design prevents unnecessary movements of the camera.

Smooth Track

Smooth Track technology allows you to smoothly transition to different camera angles. Two customizable parameter groups allow you to save your favorite Smooth Track settings. The Ronin-S’s new sport mode increases the sensitivity of the Smooth Track to match every movement.


The Ronin-S is easy to mount on top of an RC buggy for low-angle shots, or even used as a stable remote camera head when using a camera crane. The special DJI Focus Command Unit can be mounted on the accessory dock, allowing the operator to find focus using a standard grip. It is also possible to attach the Ronin-S to a handheld device panel without compromising the gimbal, focus and shutter control of the camera.


We understand that sometimes you need more than just a gimbal for your project. The Ronin-S has several additional mounts that provide full support for add-on modules such as a microphone, LED lights, and even a wireless video transmitter. Compatibility with DJI controllers such as Master Force provides intuitive control. Master Wheels are also capable of providing remote control operators with precise gimbal movements.