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The SmokeNINJA is a battery powered, wireless handheld mini smoke machine, designed for photographers, videographers and content creators. You are now able to bring a whisp of magical smoke, anytime & anywhere. Zero setup time and instant smoke.

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Looking to elevate your cinematic sets with atmospheric effects? Traditional smoke machines have often been bulky and challenging to maneuver, limiting their on-set flexibility. PMI introduces a solution with the SmokeNINJA. Many enthusiasts are already familiar with PMI’s pioneering Smoke Genie, a feature-rich, pocket-sized smoke machine. Now an equally impressive but more budget-friendly model: the SmokeNINJA.

SmokeNINJA: A creators dream

Imagine bringing a whisp of magical smoke with you anytime, anywhere. With zero setup time and instant smoke output, SmokeNINJA is perfect for portraits and outdoor shoots.


SmokeNINJA includes the three most popular forms of smoke effects for creators: FOG, DRY ICE, and STEAM. It’s equipped with dedicated nozzles to ensure the best texture for each effect:

  • LONG+SHORT tube nozzles for precise fog effects.
  • JET TIP for optimal steam effects.
  • LIQUID NOZZLE for dry ice effects. Switch between these modes seamlessly with an automatic preset at the interface’s center.


SmokeNINJA stands at just 14cm, boasting a 30% size reduction over its predecessor, SmokeGENIE. With dimensions of 141 x 61 x 36mm, its design resembles an ergonomic “Smoke Paintbrush,” especially when using the long nozzles.


In FOG mode, SmokeNINJA matches the smoke volume of SmokeGENIE at its MAX POWER settings. Additionally, it’s capable of a 15-minute total run time on a full tank and offers 1 minute of continuous smoke per button press.


The machine features an innovative LED LIGHT “HEALTH BAR.” This indicator diminishes when you use the smoke and replenishes as the machine rests, similar to a video game character’s health system. This health bar provides insights, including mode changes, chamber condition, and battery charging status.


True to its ninja namesake, SmokeNINJA’s versatile MAGNETIC mount allows attachment to any metal surface. The device can be operated remotely, and it also includes a ¼ inch mount suitable for extender poles or quick release mounts.


Every SmokeNINJA is encased in a sleek carrying case, ensuring strong protection during transport.


Utilizing the same technology as SmokeGENIE, each coil in the SmokeNINJA can produce up to 100 HOURS of smoke, standing out as the industry’s most durable coil.


SmokeNINJA boasts an industry-leading coil protection system. This ensures a clean smoke generation process without coil burning. Notably, users won’t detect any burning smell from our smoke. Certified as 100% SAFE by SGS, it’s the top pick for the health of actors. Plus, the smoke generation system is endorsed by the Actor’s Equity Association USA.


Designed for professionals, the SmokeNINJA allows for quick swaps of both the chamber and battery, minimizing downtime. With its fast USB-C charging, just 2 hours of charge gives you 30 minutes of continuous smoke output.

In the Box

  • SmokeNINJA
  • Remote
  • Atomizing Smoke Chamber
  • 100ml of Smoke Formula Refill
  • Smoke-Shaping Nozzle Set
  • SmokeNINJA Magnetic adapter
  • SmokeNINJA ¼” mount adapter
  • SmokeNINJA Protective Case

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